Workshop Facilitation

How do you get a diverse group of diverse individuals, all carrying their own personal and political agendas, to work together cohesively and create a rock solid business plan they can’t wait to leave to the room and get on with?


You introduce someone who can┬ástand outside of your drama, see the reality of the situation, ask the awkward questions and ensure everyone’s voice is heard.


In my role as an independent facilitator, I stretch people’s thinking, challenge assumptions, synthesise the stream of thoughts developing in the room, catch the throwaway comments that can sometimes be the catalyst for a breakthrough, whilst all the time keeping everyone in a frame of mind that is open, actively listening to others, creative and non-defensive.


I create conditions of safety in the room, setting clear purpose, outcomes and a code of conduct, and I keep the group to task, avoiding the endless cycle of conversations that don’t lead anywhere.


My work includes:


Bespoke workshop design (including interviews with all participants)

Purpose, outcome and agenda setting in line with your organisation’s strategic imperatives

Reality check questionnaire (how aligned is the team?)

The creation of a safe environment, using all senses to keep everyone in a ‘towards’ state during workshops

Facilitation of clear, results-focused, actionable outcomes.




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