Team Engagement

How do you get a team of diverse and unique individuals with different work life stories, experiences, ways of working, habits and patterns for success coming together and marching in one direction towards one shared vision?


You introduce someone with a proven track record and extensive experience of bringing teams together to deliver outstanding results.


I work with teams who are aware of each other’s differences, foibles, entrenched ways of working and find ways of inspiring them to achieve common goals, help them leverage each other’s strengths and cover each other’s backs.


I help ensure that decisions are made within the guiding principles of the company vision, and that a coherent set of actions are designed and delivered in creative and insightful ways, underpinned by strong team trust and mutual accountability.


I also work with people leading matrix teams, to help them to get people doing what they need them to do for the good of the whole.


And I help organisations put heart and soul into internal events to connect with their employees on both a rational and an emotional level.  I have extensive experience of ensuring new strategies and direction are embraced at every level, so that employees become true ambassadors for their organisation, believing in the company vision, telling everyone about it and doing their bit to make it a success.



My work includes:


Developing and delivering bespoke team alignment workshops

Designing and facilitating conferences and launch events

Working with your teams to redefine their purpose, guiding principles and outcomes (the ‘why, how and what’)

Connecting the dots between a lofty vision and realistic outcomes

Embedding new ways of working

Using ‘appreciative inquiry’ as a means of problem solving (find out what is working well already and amplify the strengths).



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