Increasing Employee Engagement

December 6, 2013

The client: An IT/Telecoms organisation


The dilemma: How to increase employee engagement scores and understand what’s working and what isn’t, without multiple surveys that many people don’t get round to completing?


The client already had good scores from its annual employee survey, but knew that to achieve the stretch performance targets they had set themselves they would need even greater engagement and discretionary effort from their team.  This was a team under pressure and the arrival of a new enterprise director with high expectations of success was being felt.


The question Lynn was asked by the business enterprise director was simple: “What are the conditions like when people can be, and are, their best at work?”  To help provide the answers, Lynn asked the management team to have conversations with each of their direct reports asking them to tell them a story in answer to three questions:


  • When have you felt free to be at your best at work?
  • When have you felt most valued?
  • If you were captain of this ship, and it is your ship, what would you change?


From the stories the truth unfolded about the conditions and behaviours the company and management team had to create in order for people to be at their best, as well as highlighting conditions in which people will not perform to their optimum level.


These uplifting conversations made a refreshing change from the usual business dialogue around numbers and analytical business agendas, and revealed key insights from the team into what had a positive effect on their engagement levels.


The outcome:


150 positive conversations and, from them, an analysis of the behaviours the company needed to encourage and the conditions they needed to create to help improve engagement.  Feedback suggested that a by-product, and the most valuable outcome, was the shot of energy, positive affirmation and confidence from the people as they recalled their stories.


The company increased their employee engagement scores from 69% to 74%, an outstanding achievement against the backdrop of fierce competitive pressure, changing customer needs and technology landscape.


“Your work with us has played a huge part in the increase in our employee engagement scores and performance results” Enterprise Board Director.


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