Vodafone Team Engagement

December 16, 2013

The client: Vodafone


The dilemma: Inspiring 120 enterprise leaders to get behind a new market story


When Vodafone UK Enterprise wanted to develop its new proposition to accelerate the move from traditional core mobile sales into a new era of unified communication solutions selling, they created a new market story. Better Ways of Working underpins the organisation’s aspiration of changing the way Britain works.


So far so good. But how do you tell and embed this story in such a way to the 120 or so leaders who have it within their gift to inspire their teams and amplify the effect of this story on the front lines of the business? Powerpoint and presentations were not the answer.  Commercial Marketing Director, Peter Boucher, knew something magic had to happen to ensure that each and every leader metabolised this story, believed in it to such a degree they would tell the story forward to their team and, and they in turn to the customers.


Lynn’s brief was to design the briefing session and facilitate a launch event that would engage every person in the room that was meaningful for them.


Everyone processes information differently, and in corporate life people tend to focus on rational business logic when in fact it is emotions that are actually running the show.  For this reason, Lynn created and facilitated ‘multi-thinking pods’, which meant that after everyone had heard the Better Ways of Working story, they had the opportunity to use different parts of their brain to think about what it meant for them and their business.


A logical ‘business thinking ‘ pod provided opportunities to logically think about the commercial and business value the new market proposition would have for customers; a ‘feel’ pod allowed people to explore instinctive thoughts and emotions; and an action-based ‘do’ pod enabled people to make commitments and fulfil their natural urge to create actions.


Lynn ensured that all senses were engaged during the course of the day, with carefully chosen music, videos, lighting, a film featuring senior directors (with outtakes – the most popular part of the day!), open dialogue and live chatter feeds to the rest of the organisation to create curiosity.  Hardcore business messages were blended with human emotion and humour.  The atmosphere was electric and the buzz and engagement needed to activate this story was achieved.


The outcome:


“The challenge I gave Lynn was help me inspire 120 people in a new vision for the company but do this on a cold, wet Friday afternoon in a featureless room. No small task and I also wanted the people to not only engage in the vision but find a way of personalizing it to them and their team. Lynn’s magic was how she first refused to allow ‘normal’ ways of telling the story and secondly how she allowed all the team to engage in the story in a think, feel, do sequence. All done in Lynn’s own inimitable style too – charming but resolute!”

Peter Boucher, Commercial Marketing Director, Vodafone UK


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