The Power of Coaching

December 6, 2013

The client:  A leading distributor of IT, communications and consumer electronic products.


The dilemma:  How best to help our managers coach and develop their people and form new habits that integrate coaching on a practical level to their every day work.


The client wanted managers to be able to give effective feedback, to understand why people naturally shy away from this and to have the confidence and tools to integrate regular feedback as a positive mechanism for continuous personal development.  In short, they wanted more coaching conversations to take place within the business; more ‘ask’ than ‘tell’ and high quality, regular development reviews.


Lynn designed a programme underpinned by an introduction to human needs at work, focussing on the social domains the brain is always monitoring: belonging, choice, security and feeling valued.  When these needs are met, they activate our ‘reward system’ which leads to creativity, productiveness and engagement.  If they are not met, they trigger a ‘threat’ response, which manifests itself in all sorts of hard to detect non-productive behaviours at work.


Lynn’s focus was on demystifying coaching, introducing simple, practical concepts and tools that were easy to adopt in everyday working life.  Fun characters, simulations based on real life business situations were practiced, and the groups put to work the ideas they had learned.


The programme designed by Lynn was underpinned by an introduction to the human needs at work, the social domains the brain is always monitoring of Belonging, Choice, Security and Feeling Valued.  How when these needs are met activate our reward system, in other words, creativity, productiveness, engagement, and if not met trigger a threat response, which shows up at work in all sorts of non productive ways; at worst people slacking off in hard to detect ways.


The outcome:


The client reported a 95.45% increase in confidence among managers.   Lynn was rated 8 out of 10 or above by all participants; and 9 out of 10 said they would recommend her.


“Absolutely brilliant programme!  I now feel a lot more confident that that I could definitely manage this difficult situation in the future.”


“Very good explanation of how emotions play a big part in how people work and how to better understand these things and approach things in a different way.”


“It has opened my mind about the way people think and act in the workplace, I also realise that emotion plays a big part in people’s decisions and attitudes and that by using effective coaching skills and having a coaching mindset can overcome negative behaviour and help bring about objectivity and openness in decision making.”


“I found it realy informative and thought provoking, and was a very enjoyable day. I won’t be afraid to give critical feedback and also feel the course will enable me to understand and empower my team better.”



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