Team Alignment

December 6, 2013

The client: A global pharmaceutical company


The dilemma: how do you get a team of senior leaders, each with incredibly heavy workloads, pure intent and stretching KPI’s to think outside of their own silos, become aligned to common goals, all pulling in a single direction in service of the whole entity?


The client is a successful business unit within a global pharmaceutical business, operating under external forces of increasing regulation and competition, which means that the demands on the unit have never been higher.


The answer wasn’t to work even harder and invent the 48-hour clock.  The answer was to align behind one common goal, use it as a guiding principle to speed up decision making and help the leaders prioritise and drop, delegate or delete activities that were swallowing up valuable resources without serving the business unit’s overall goal.


Lynn designed a workshop that used of structured telephone interviews to collect opinions and assumptions in the preparation phase, enabling the leaders to see visual representations of a reality where they were aligned by using real soundbytes.


This foundation was vital in setting the scene for a reality check before we moved into the purpose setting phase.  This involved the team asking themselves team asking themselves “What do we want to be famous for?”, “What is our team uniquely placed to achieve?” and “What is our strap-line?”


The act of exploring common goals and shared purpose, together, and giving each other purposeful and respectful feedback in positive ways opened up the team’s understanding of ways in which greater collaboration would benefit the success of the division and each other as individuals.


The outcome:


“I don’t know what you just did but I have never heard my team be so open with each other” Global Pharmaceutical CFO

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