Sales Leadership Coaching

December 6, 2013

The client: A global IT/telecoms company


The dilemma: How do you get people to adopt new habits sustainably and throw off old ways of selling following the rollout of a new sales training programme?


This is particularly challenging when the old ways are deeply engrained and have been proven to be successful in the past. How do you turn superstar sales people who have been promoted into sales manager roles to become performance diagnostic experts who focus on developing and coaching people?


Lynn worked with the Sales Director to create a programme for embedding new ways of selling.


The starting point was a current state analysis; a quantitative and qualitative survey designed to find out what was really happening in the business and how the new tools were being used.  The summary findings established a number of barriers to the successful and sustainable embedding of the new ways of selling and developing people.


Once unearthed, Lynn developed a plan for overcoming these barriers and creating the conditions for success. The plan involved:


  • Creating business alignment behind the sales programme, to ensure every supporting business unit adopted the same language and process
  • Adopting a ‘less is more’ approach – starting with the most powerful tools, engraining one habit before moving on to the next
  • Resetting the role of the manager to performance coach
  • Implementing coaching training for all sales managers
  • Identifying what brilliant looks like for both managers and sales people, to establish the winning behaviours
  • Running workshops for managers to understand how habits are formed, how to observe objectively and give positive feedback, how to create their own conditions for success, how to develop awareness of their own habits, appreciate the importance of story telling, effectively use performance diagnostics and achieve clarity in objective setting.


The outcome:


The client moved from a place of hoping people would adopt the new ways and a culture of ‘opt in opt out’, to knowing exactly what needed to happen to transform its sales force and putting the necessary steps in place to achieve it.

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