Leadership Coaching

December 6, 2013

Leadership Coaching:


The dilemma:  the challenges of leadership include managing the pressure to deliver results whilst forming and maintaining strong relationship bonds with those who follow you.  Leaders must have a very high level of self-awareness, intelligent emotions, consistency in behaviour and the ability to self-regulate.  They must also have the cognitive capacity to deal with an avalanche of information, hold the vision in mind and be decisive whilst at the same time inspiring, developing and engaging their people.


Never have the demands on leaders been so high.  A recent study of 60,00 people by Zenger & Folkman found that leaders who focus on results only have a 14% chance of being seen as a great leader.  Leaders who focus on both results and social impact increased their chances of being seen as a great leader by 75%.  Worryingly the study found that less than 1% of leaders in the study focus on both areas.


Many business schools and corporates focus on hardcore results and less on the ‘softer skills’ required to be a great leader.  Lynn works with leaders to help them solve strategic dilemmas, align their teams, de-clutter their current ways of working to focus on priorities, engage their teams and to deal with the pressures and demands of multi dimensional and often cross matrix, diverse business.


In short, 21st century leaders need to have these traits:


  • Humility – not a big ego driven, arrogant person
  • Vulnerability – someone who owns their humanity
  • One of us – sharing a common path cultivates believability
  • Trustworthy – people need to believe what you say
  • Desire to serve – lead by a true desire to serve rather than be served


She has worked with high profile leaders to help them to develop these traits and become aware of their own habitual patterns of behaviour, understand how these behaviours affect those around them and develop a heightened sense of self-awareness, giving them greater choice over how and where to focus energy and attention.


Some outcomes:


“I have worked with Lynn many times over the last 12 months as part of a cultural change programme for a high profile FTSE 100 company. Lynn has helped coach and develop a number of our senior leaders using her considerable wealth of experience and depth of knowledge. We’ve worked on some pretty high profile programmes together and Lynn’s approach has made a significant impact, helping to create a high performing team, despite these tough times, which has been demonstrated across a range of metrics this year. Senior leaders just want to have Lynn around. She exudes enthusiasm and passion for her subject, but has that measured and considered approach that top talent needs. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Lynn and her eye for detail means she always delivers. I can’t recommend Lynn highly enough she would be an asset to any team.”

Rachael Kinniburgh, Rachael Kinniburgh, Head of Internal Communications, Pepsi Co


“I have had the enormous pleasure of knowing Lynn since 2002.  In that time, I have enjoyed being part of her significant development from Account Manager to Account Director to Coach and Confidant.  She is by far one of the most unassuming people I know yet possesses a steely determination and enormous passion to help others truly understand their ability from within – essentially coaching people to confidence and belief.  Time with Lynn always leaves a feeling of rejuvenation and an inner optimism and the trust she envelops is clearly visible.  Her abundant experience and wisdom is clear from the moment you meet her.  If you don’t know Lynn, she definitely is a lady worth meeting.”

Amanda Baker, Sales Director Vodafone Enterprise


“Lynn has a rare gift I have not seen in many people, this is to see beyond the immediate and to the true feelings and beliefs a person holds. This enables her to support, coach and develop in a natural manner and something that has become a signature of working with her across a number of years. Lynn is an incredible person to work with and I personally reference her guidance in some key decisions that are still with me today. 
I recommend Lynn to you as someone that can offer you the opportunity to change through understanding what makes you brilliant in the first place.”

Jon Buckthorp, Global Account Manager, Vodafone Global Enterprise


“Lynn is firstly an amazing human being, positive, considerate, steely, wise and possessing an eternal optimism about life and people that in just talking to her you will feel rejuvenated. Add to that her insight and broad coaching talent and expertise and you have powerful combination that seeks to and succeeds in assisting people to their best. If an Executive asks me who should be coaching them she’s the first person on my mind and the first person I talk to them about.”

Roger Philby, Founder & CEO, The Chemistry Group


“Lynn is one of the finest executive coaches operating in the UK today. Her ability to listen, understand the issues and help you to recognise simple solutions is unsurpassed. She combines great wisdom with a down-to-earth approach and helps you to really tap into your potential. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Professor Damian Hughes, International Author, Sports Psychologist and Speaker






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