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As a business leader, how do you stay consistent in what you say and do, under the greatest of pressure for results and quick decision making?


How do you lead people; understand and deal with their need to belong, feel safe, have choices and feel valued at work?


How do you manage your emotions so that you can keep a clear focus on what you need to achieve, without distractions?


Talk to someone with a proven track record of working with business leaders to help them overcome these very real challenges.


Today’s leaders are overloaded with information and overwhelmed by competing demands: the paradox of having to deliver results – faster than ever, more efficiently than ever and with fewer resources than ever – whilst creating a ‘great place to work’, caring for the people within their organisation and doing their utmost to avoid the corrosive effects of disengaged employees.


Great leaders engage the hearts and minds of the people they lead.  This involves engendering an emotional connection with people, and yet leaders often find themselves drawn into a world of numbers, spreadsheets, action lists, Powerpoint, reason, logic and best intentions – ending up frustrated when the people around them don’t do what they want them to do.


No academic learning environment can equip business leaders with the breadth of wisdom required to excel in our new knowledge worker age.


I work with business leaders throughout the UK, and across a diverse range of industries, helping them focus in equal measure on results and on people; getting their emotions working intelligently for them; giving them greater decision making capacity to engender the trust in the people around them, connecting with those people in a way that is both assertive and empathetic.


I help people consistently get the best from their teams; and sustain best performance in themselves and others whilst also maintaining effective control and management of the business.


And I coach leaders to help them deal with the corrosive impact of distractions and negative people; and to encourage their sales leaders to cross the line from being a successful individual to a team player and coach.


Increasingly, I help leaders cope with the specific challenges of working in organisations with cross matrix structures; developing the new skills required to attract followers, rather than people following you purely because of their – and your- position in the organisational hierarchy.


Today’s leaders have to able to deal with many competing and sometimes conflicting demands.  They need to see the patterns emerging and things other people can’t see, synthesise vast amounts of information and pinpoint the important.  They need to have high levels of self-awareness and mindfulness.  Be able to hold the vision for the future in mind as a guiding principle for decision making, have courage of their convictions, process data in real time, put the brakes on their emotional impulses, be insightful and – above all else – focus on results and socially intelligent emotions in equal balance.



My work in helping leaders develop these skills includes:

21st Century Leadership coaching, click here for workshop details: 21st Century Leadership

Leading world beating sales pitches, click here for workshop details: Perfect-Pitch-Workshop

Sales Leadership Coaching, one to one or teams

Bespoke leadership coaching programmes, designed to meet individual needs

Coaching Skills Masterclasses

Presentation coaching for conferences and key note speeches

Leadership Team Alignment

Key Note Speaking.




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