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Client Stories

  • Vodafone Team Engagement

    The client: Vodafone   The dilemma: Inspiring 120 enterprise leaders to get behind a new market story   When Vodafone UK Enterprise wanted to develop its new...

  • Sales Leadership Coaching

    The client: A global IT/telecoms company   The dilemma: How do you get people to adopt new habits sustainably and throw off old ways of selling following the...

  • Team Alignment

    The client: A global pharmaceutical company   The dilemma: how do you get a team of senior leaders, each with incredibly heavy workloads, pure intent and stretching...

  • Increasing Employee Engagement

    The client: An IT/Telecoms organisation   The dilemma: How to increase employee engagement scores and understand what’s working and what isn’t, without...

  • The Power of Coaching

    The client:  A leading distributor of IT, communications and consumer electronic products.   The dilemma:  How best to help our managers coach and develop their...

  • Leadership Coaching

    Leadership Coaching:   The dilemma:  the challenges of leadership include managing the pressure to deliver results whilst forming and maintaining strong...


  • Workshop Facilitation

    How do you get a diverse unique group of individuals, all carrying their own personal and political agendas, to work together cohesively and create a rock solid business plan they can’t wait to get on with?

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  • Team Engagement

    How do you get a team of diverse and unique individuals with different work life stories, experiences, ways of working, habits and patterns for success coming together and marching in one direction towards one shared vision?

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  • Leadership Coaching

    As a leader, how do you stay consistent in what you say and do, under the greatest of pressure to deliver results? How do you connect with people; understand and deal with their need to belong, feel safe, have choices and feel valued at work?

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About me


I’m an experienced leadership and sales coach, working with high profile organisations in the pharmaceutical and IT services sectors along with small enterprises.


I draw on a strong commercial background and 25 years working at executive level, through my role as Global Account Director in Vodafone, Head of Sales Capability and Executive Coach.  I design and deliver bespoke leadership coaching and team engagement programmes and workshops to facilitate and support lasting change in business performance.


My work is inspired by the groundbreaking work of the NeuroLeadership Institute; I am fascinated with how our brains are wired and how we can harness this natural power to achieve great success.  Clients tell me this sets me apart from the others they have worked with.  They also tell me that my strength is in my ability to blend an understanding of human needs at work with the demands of today’s businesses to deliver exceptional results for all.


My personal intent is to inspire and engage people and teams by taking simple, pragmatic, down-to-earth approaches that connect natural human strengths with strategic business requirements.  Working with human nature and not against it.  I’ve worked extensively at Board Level to prepare leaders for critical  performances, focussing on authenticity and story telling to create and embed messages that are memorable, actionable and resonate with the audience.  I work hard to quickly build trusting relationships that lead to lasting results.  I passionately believe that people do amazing things when trusted and feel valued and the foundation of my work is to link human nature with the needs of business and commercial success.


Professional integrity is of utmost importance to me.  As well as upholding the Association for Coaching code of ethics, I’m a member of the association as well as the British Psychological Society and NeuroLeadership Institute.


I hold a Masters Post Graduate certificate in Personal & Business Coaching and a Professional Diploma in Management Skills.  I was top of Vodafone’s Top Flight Academy with first class honours, as well as winning many awards including the prestigious Premier Club for coaching and leadership development.

My Blog and Events

Thought leadership is the key to driving a large company forward. Discover the latest research and insights into neuro-leadership, coaching and the psychology of people.

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If you want to align and engage your team to achieve even greater results, have an outstanding purposeful meeting, or you are a leader looking for direction and support, drop me a note and we can arrange a chat.



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